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Join us in making 2024 an exciting year in business.

Come experience the “best kept secret” for entrepreneurs. EO is an inclusive community of founders who are deeply committed to learning, going deep to grow themselves and their companies, and support each other in launching big. We want likeminded, empathetic rock stars to join our EO West Chapters to rise up when we fail – to never say never. That’s EO.


The EO Rise event features talks from business leaders in your region and headline speaker Brian Smith, founder of UGGs who will share experiences and inspire us all to grow and be bold.


  • Network with other top notch business leaders
  • Learn from engaging, successful business leaders at this world-class learning event
  • Learn about EO, what it has to offer, and meet members from your local chapter


  • Experience what it feels like to have a community supporting you in your entrepreneurial journey
  • Learn how to deal with fear as a business leader
  • Learn from Brian Smith about brand
  • Hear experience shares about failure, spirituality, and business strategies for success.

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It’s a wrap!

It’s a wrap!

It’s a wrap!

Partner Events

Can’t make it to the EO Rise events? Join our partner events bringing learning and networking to your region from these amazing Chapters:

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